Diamond Caliber

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--------------- Diamond Caliber ---------------

Diamond Caliber is a mod that expands upon vanilla minecraft adding in ranged weapons and two new bosses!


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Diamond Caliber will give you over 20 guns to play with, 4 enemy factions, 2 new bosses, new structures, cool armor, some neat blocks, explosives, and provides server creators with items to make minigames like call of duty.


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VampireRedEye - Logo and Textures

San Zang - Guns (Check him out here)


Q: When will you update to 1.13 or 1.14

A: Not at all. This is because 1.13 removed certain things that make this mod work and I do not have the time to update it nor figure out World Gen again.


Q: How do I reload?

A: You can only reload if you have a magazine in your inventory and if your gun has no more ammo, to reload, just press the shoot button again. You can also reload by pressing R. Note that it will not give you your magazine back so use it carefully!

Q: Why is the armor not showing up?
A: Armor binds to your skin so for it to show, make sure all of your extra skin layers (Jacket, Leg Layer, etc.) are disabled!


Terms and Conditions

You may NOT re-upload this mod unless for a modpack or unless permission to re-upload is given.


You may NOT claim any of the code to be your own






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