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Filename DerpCatsv1.4.1.jar
Uploaded by itsmeowdev
Uploaded May 27, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
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MD5 7e622f9a9b781c6c781d5a8489dd1cf2
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Java 6
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


    -Made "config" GUI in mods menu work. (Please note: as of current, all options in config require restart of Minecraft).
    -Fixed Mean Cat being a white box
    -Made circuit actually useful by implementing it into the oreDictionary.
    -Fixed grammatical issue on Spider Cat's egg.
    -Added Hot Dog and Hot Dog w/ Mustard.
    -Added Hot Dog Cat (drops hot dogs).
    -More Internal Changes
    -You can now disable and enable Cat Meat in the configuration if you're sensitive to that. Enabled by default.
    -Added Old Cat Lady, she spawns a TON of randomized cats within a 6x6 block radius.
    -Buffed exploding cat, 4 times the explosion power
    -De-Buffed exploding cat, cat nukes aren't fun.
    -Added Hop Cat. It hops m8. (Please note I was lazy and made no texture for it, it uses grumpy cat's).
    -Added update checker, will not be effective for any reason whatsoever until 1.5 is released. Versions previous to 1.4 will not remind you of updates.
    -Added logo to forge "mods" menu.

    -Added Cat Meat. Cooked and Raw, drops from (most) cats.
    -Added Electronic Circuit Board, they drop from the Robot Cat.
    -Overhaul on internal coding system, allows quicker creation of new cats.
    -Added Giant Cat. Gigantic but peaceful. (Creative Only)
    -Made egg colors unique to each cat.
    -Adjusted item models to look nice when held.
    -Fixed grammatical errors in the earlier changelog(Specifically, v1.1).
    -Added Spider Cat, it's honestly kind of creepy...
    -Made adjustments to the hitboxes on the cats.
    -Fixed accepted versions of mod from 1.10+ to the proper 1.11+
    -Changed Creative Tab name from Derpcats to DerpCats. (Internally, not ingame, this doesn't apply to you)
    -Fixed attack range bug on Mean Cat and Companion Cat. The attack range is now normal.
    -Added Robot and Space Cat. Known for inhabiting the highest places in Minecraftia.
    -Developer Finally discovered how particles work, they're really annoying.
    -Changed recipe for catnip block to filling the entire table with catnip
    -Added crafting catnip blocks back into nine catnip
    -Fixed Mean Cat spawn, now set as MONSTER instead of CREATURE(For people who know the entity registry, the EnumCreatureType was Creature instead of Monster)
    -Reduced spawn chance for all cats by quite a bit
    -Some little bits of code may have been left in, particles, robot cat bits, etc. I'm working on stuff and may have missed something.
    -Added Mean Cat, and a sound for Mean Cat, the "growl/hiss"-Hostile Cat, doesn't like you. A lot. May eat you. Do not come within 20 blocks of. DANGER. They're known for inhabiting forests in groups of 1 to 3. - KNOWN BUG - ridicoulous attack range, I am struggling to find out how to fix(same on Companion Cat)
    -Changed mod name in mod menu from being "Derp Cats mod" to "Derp Cats Mod"
    -Cleaned up some code
    -Fixed Grumpy Cat to have angry particles when hit
    -Lowered fart volume