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Depths and Dimensions




Depths and Dimensions 1.1.0 is here!


This update completely revamps the Darkcobble Plains!


Check out the video ----> 


This update adds a new ore called Kryolite which can be used to craft a set of tools, a new sword, and a set of armor.

You can now find ancient fragments inside of ancient monuments and ruins that are scattered across the darkcobble plains.

These fragments can be used to make a new set of incredibly strong armor.

Or they can be used to make a pair of deadly weapons, each with unique abilities.

New powerful weapons and armor wouldn't be needed unless there were new powerful creatures to face.

So have fun fighting the two new creatures that I added to this biome.   ;)


Oh, and Actyalite has been moved to the Underground Jungle.


That's it for now.


Have fun exploring! :)





Check out the guide if you need help! ---->


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Depths and Dimensions is an adventure mod that includes a new dimension with new ores, weapons, armor, and creatures!


You will find a new magic forest in your world.

The magic forest contains a wide variety of plant life and flowers.

This forest contains magical creatures and spirits like fairies, vexes, witches, ghosts, and Evokers.

In this forest you will be able to find a new ore called Elderich which you can then use to craft new equipment.

Once you acquire an Elderich pickaxe, you can use fairy dust to enchant it into a pickaxe strong enough to go past bedrock!


Welcome to the Depths!!!

Here you will encounter shiny new gems and crystals and the enemies that defend them.

There are five biomes in the Depths -- the crystal caves, the underground jungle, the lava wastelands, the darkcobble plains, and the underground desert.

With the Elderich pickaxe you can mine Ruby and Amethyst ores.

After that, you can follow the same process of getting new ores to mine better ones eventually becoming incredibly powerful.

Some creatures also drop valuable items that can be used to craft unique armor and weapons with special traits.

For instance, you can use Vampire bat fangs to craft a vampire dagger that has the life steal effect!

Some creatures will be way to powerful for you in the beginning so choose your battles wisely.

Tip: If it looks like it can kill you, it probably can; and if it doesn't, then......it still probably can.

Once you are feeling brave then you can try taking on the king of all worms -- the Land Swallower!


This mod is intended to be difficult so you might die......like a lot.

I plan on this mod being much larger, so I will be updating this mod in the future.

I hope you enjoy my mod and have lots of fun!