Demon RPG

18,733 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

This is the Demon RPG Mod! 



What's new? 


- 5 new type of Armor

- 5 new Ores

- 5 new type of Tools 

- 6 new Mobs

- 2 New Dimension

- 2 new Biomes

- 4 new Strucutres



You find the Recipes at "pictures"!















You can find the Sun Ore at Level 25 - 1, but you need a Diamond Pickaxe!

The Shadow Ore you can find at Level 20 - 1, but you need a Sun Crystal Pickaxe!

And the Demon Ore you can find in the new Demon Dimension, but you need a Shadow Pickaxe!

The Void Rock can you find at Level 10 - 1, but you need a Demon Pickaxe!

The Sapphire Ore can you find in the Void Dimension, but you need the Void Pickaxe.




The Shadow Soul spawn only in the Shadowland Biome!

The Sun Zombie spawn only in the Sunland Biome!

The Demon spawn only in the Demon Dimension!

The Demonic Spider spawn also in the Demon Dimension.

The Fallen Knight spawn in the Overworld at Night.

The Void Creature spawn in the Void Dimension.







In the Future the Mod will get Structures, Dungeons, a lot of new Mobs and Items, new Weapons and Dimensions!







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