Add-on mod for Delivery that adds NPC merchants to buy stuff from.

This mod is intended for modpack makers, if you're not sure if you need it or not, you probably dont.



You can add trades the same way you do Delivery trades, with crafttweaker.

NPCs do not spawn naturally, you will need to provide a way for the player to access them. That could be by adding them to the natural spawn list. giving them a spawn egg or spawner. This mod does not provide a way to do any of those things, that is up to you.


This mod adds -

-12 merchant types

- Each merchant has a unique store

- Merchant spawner to spawn the merchants

- Shop items to open a specific store


Each merchant type can be toggled off in the config if you don't need them. They are all on by default.


The merchants don't really do anything special, they just wander around waiting for a player.



Documentation coming soon.