Delightful Froge


While playing Minecraft, enjoying the variety of Frogs on offer, you might have slowly but surely felt a certain feeling creeping in - the feeling that this was not right, that something was missing.


As it turns out, you were feeling the longing for Froge, our Lord and Savior. The truest, most pure variant of these amphibian critters and native to the Mushroom Fields he's just like any other Frog - except for the many ways in which he's not. He's always happy, always up for a smile. When you're feeling down, pat Froge and he will lick your sadness off your face, all while keeping that precious smile. In the toughest of times, let a Frogelight :) guide your way - even they carry Froge's cheerful happiness through the world.


Join the Wisp Forest Discord if you have any questions or seek to meet fellow worshippers - we'll be happy to assist