Delicious Delights

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Delicious Delights is a mod that adds over 600 different pastry goodies!
All items have recipes, you can either use a recipe-viewing mod, or use the vanilla recipe book.


This project is NOT abandoned, I'm taking a break to work on other projects ATM.

  • Support for Pam's HarvestCraft!
  • 12 Cakes / 12 Sliced Cakes / 8 Cake Rolls
  • 9 Flavours of Coffee
  • 32 Cookies
  • 14 Cupcakes
  • 45 Donuts
  • 17 Ice Cream Cones
  • 75 Ice Cream Flavors
  • 6 Milkshakes
  • 11 Pancakes (Thanks forrys_, for suggesting it!)
  • 17 Poptarts (Thanks LUEZIS, for suggesting it!)
  • 8 Pies
  • 7 Teas
  • And so much more!

If you wish to submit textures, I will gladly accept. I am not very good with texture design.
Any feedback is appreciated! Please leave suggestions and ideas in the comments!


Where to start? Check out this link for more information about the mod, including a FAQ, and a status report on the next update.

For a complete list of all items added, visit here.

Thank you forrys_, for providing a Russian translation!
(The Russian translation will be included with every release.) (Except version 1.5 and up)

Thank you minecrafter4112 and allypoo2001 for continued suggestions!


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