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Deep Aether



✔️What is this about?✔️


The Deep Aether is an addon for the Aether Mod for Minecraft for 1.19.2 and beyond.
It aims to add lots of new features to give players a chance to venture deeper into the Aether dimension, while also maintaining its original style. Basically, we aim to give the Aether the "1.16 Nether Expansion Update" treatment. 


🆕What's new?🆕


New Biomes:

  • Aerglow Forest
  • Blue Aerglow Forest
  • Aerlavender Fields
  • Yagroot Swamp
  • Golden Heights


New Ores, Tools, and Armor:


  • Skyjade (found in Holystone; has blocks, armor, tools, and weapons)
  • Skyjade's ability is powerful upon first use, but gets weaker the more durability is lost; basically the opposite of Zanite's ability.
  • Stratus (found in Sterling Aerclouds, which can be enchanted to Chromatic Aerclouds, and Stratus Ingots can be crafted from them; has blocks, armor, tools, and weapons)
  • Stratus's ability is slow falling, an upgrade of Gravitite's ability (high jump), and a dash ability: press R with a full set (including the gloves).


New Trees and Wood Sets:


  • Roseroot and Blue Roseroot (Aerglow and Blue Aerglow Forests)
  • Yagroot (Yagroot Swamp)
  • Cruderoot (Yagroot Swamp)
  • Conberry (Golden Heights)
  • Sunroot (Golden Heights)

    New Mobs:
  • Aerglow Fish
  • Aether Quail with multiple color variants
  • Venomite

    New Stone Types:
  • Clorite
  • Aseterite

    New Blocks:
  • Aether Mud and Aether Mud Bricks
  • Unique grass and path blocks for the Golden Heights biome, as well as the Aether Moss Block for the Yagroot Swamp
  • Normal decorative variants for new wood, stone, and ores
  • Unique flora for all added biomes, and the Golden Vine Fruit for the Golden Heights biome
  • Aerglow Block (crafted from Aerglow Petals, which come from Radiant Orchids and Flowering Roseroot Leaves)
  • Virulent Quicksand (functions like how quicksand does in real life, as well as Powdered Snow; immediate suffocation when fallen through)
  • Aersmog: A type of Aercloud that is created from the mixture of Water and Poison. Inflicts the Inebration effect when stepped on.
  • Sterling and Chromatic Aerclouds
  • New variations of Holystone and Mossy Holystone

    New Items:
  • Golden Grass Seeds (drops from Golden Grass (not the block version); can be crafted with swet balls into a new swet ball type, which can turn Aether Dirt into Golden Grass)
  • Music Discs: "Nabooru" and "A Morning Wish" by Emile van Krieken (these tracks were originally meant for the Aether I mod a long time ago, but were never implemented)

New Dungeon Loot:

  • Spooky Ring: Increases damage dealt during the nighttime.

New Liquid:

  • Poison: It's the normal poison bucket from the Aether I mod, but now you can place it as a liquid (like water), and it naturally spawns in the Yagroot Swamp biome; it can disenchant items such as the Aether music discs.


Mod Cross Compat:

  • Aether Lost Content
  • - Skyjade and Cloudium Shields
  • Aether Redux
  • - Brick and Tile variants for Gilded, Frosted, and Blightmoss Holystone


If you find any issues, join the discord below and we'll help!




You'll need of course:




Q: Do you plan on backporting to other versions?

  • A: No we don't. The Aether I Mod only plans releases from 1.19.2 and onwards, meaning this addon cannot reach versions that are prior to that.
    This also includes future unofficial backports and all the legacy versions: our team only disposes of 2 coders that work on Deep Aether as a hobby, and maintaining older versions with a completely different codebase, while also fixing and updating the newer ones in acceptable timescales would be impossible.
    We have no issues with people that want to backport Deep Aether by themselves, letting us know first, and reminding that the backport is not official nor maintained by us.

Q: Where can I get Sterling Aerclouds? I can't find any!

  • A: Sterling Aerclouds are found high up in the Aether skies, above Y = 200. If you're playing with a low render distance it might be harder to spot the clusters, but they're there!

Q: Do you plan on adding cross-compatibility with other mods and Aether addons?

  • A: Yes, we have already done that with many of the popular addons: Aether Lost Content, Aether Redux, and more!

Q: I am interested in joining your team to help with the development of the mod! How can I do so?

  • A: We are always open to accepting new members, especially testers, and developers. You can join our Discord Server and follow the directions for filling out an application in #recruitment-info! BE PREPARED TO SHOW PROOF OF YOUR SKILLS.




The rights to this mod belong to The Aether Team and all its developers, and the devs of Team Razor, 345boneshoss, Aethyus, TunefulTurnip, and darksonic300. Logo and background by Aethyus. Music rights goes to Emile van Krieken. Also thanks to careful#4376 (discord name) for contributing art.