779 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

DecOre is a mod for Minecraft that adds new decorative blocks and a few new materials. The purpose of this mod is to give Minecraft players more decorative uses for their ores. As such, most of the new blocks are based on ores from Vanilla Minecraft and Forge's Ore Dictionary. The main focus of the mod, currently, is the addition of ore bricks. Current features:

  • 8 Vanilla Brick types and 16 Ore Dictionary types, picked for either being common or being in a popular mod.
  • Slabs, stairs, and wall variants for every brick type.
  • The addition of mortar, which is crafted from sand, water, and clay. Used to give bricks a more realistic recipe and avoid potential recipe conflicts.
  • Special pressure plates that can detect players, animals, villagers, monsters, and golems. Each type of plate comes with two variants.

Check out the mod's info pages for more information.


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