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Decoration Delight: Refurbished





🕮 About:

This mod is inspired by vectorwing's "Farmer's Delight" mod, adding many new blocks to spruce up your kitchen. While this mod is best experienced using the Farmer's Delight mod, it is usable standalone. Decoration Delight adds Counters, Mosaics, Tiles, Functional Blocks (Sink, Trash Bin), and other miscellaneous decoration pieces that I'll go more in depth into if you read further. I plan to add much more in the future, so stay tuned! Decoration Delight is my first mod, and is made in MCreator.


Credits to vectorwing for texture art, I highly recommend checking out Farmer's Delight as well as his other projects. 



★ New Additions:

These are the new blocks and items added by this mod.



➤ Floor Tiles:

Tiles are crafted with their respective blocks and are a nice way to decorate any kitchen or build!



➤ Mosaics:

Beautifully crafted mosaics that are perfect to liven up any space!



➤ Counter, Counter Corners, Counter Bends, and Countertops:

Use these sleek counters to store items in, as well as to cook on to your heart's content!



➤ Stools:

A great addition to any kitchen, the stool allows you to sit in peace!



➤ Trash Bin and Sink:

Toss things away with ease using the Trash Bin, and fill up your buckets or bottles with fresh water from the Sink!





☺ Closing Remark:

Thank you so much for downloading my mod, and supporting its development. I put a lot of work into this mod, and I really do appreciate you all â™¡

Also, feel free to suggest ideas in the comments, and I might implement it if I like the idea (for example, the sink was suggested).

- InfernoSakai