Decoration and Furniture (Forge)

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Decoration and Furniture is a mod that adds over 500 blocks to the game, some items, 3 structures and even some food, you can use this mod to build maps or just in your survival world

This mod can be used for servers and modpacks

Currently, this mod isn't getting updated frequently because of some real life problems, lack of interest and a lack of time, but I'll try to update it, even if updates are really small and take a long time, I'm sorry for that


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This is what the mod adds up to the newest version:

-A lot of furnitures, like tables, desks, chairs, wardrobes, etc

-More bricks and new variants of bricks, like crimson and warped bricks or brick columns

-A lot of small decorations

-Halloween, Christmas and summer themed items

-New light blocks, like big candles or paper lanterns

-Carved melons, more carved pumpkins and soul jack o'lanterns

-More types of flowerpots

-New plants

-Some new tools

-3 Structures, one spawning in the end, one in the overworld and one in snowy biomes

-A few advancements

-Other small things not listed here

-English, Spanish and Chinese translations (Everything since 1.7.1 is translated to Chinese using google traduction so it's not really good)


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