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Debug Utils (Fabric)

For the forge version see here


Mojang has various debugging tools implemented in minecraft that are removed for the release jar.
This mod adds them back which might be useful for various cases. You will need this mod on both the client and the server.


Use the command /debug_utils <feature> to turn a debugging feature on/off


Included debugging features are:


POI debugging: Logs adding/removing of POI blocks.

Block Updates: Displays blocks affected by a change in block states

Structure Generations: Displays the bounding box of newly generated structures

Entity Pathing: Will show the pathings of entities

Entity Goals: Will show various information about an entities ai. Active ones are highlighted.

Raids: Will highlight the center of a raid

Entity Brains: Similar to goals will display brain activities of entities.

Bees: Displaying information about bees. E.g. if it has a hive or not

Game Event + Listener: Highlights game info events and the adding of listeners for it.
Listeners are e.g. sculk/warden/allays
And game infos are events which triggers them.

Bee Hives: Shows information about a bee hive

Water: Shows water level of nearby water blocks

Heightmap: Displays the heightmap

Collision: Shows nearby block collisions

Light: Shows the sky light value of blocks. Places with direct sky light are not displayed.

Solid Faces: Shows the solid faces of nearby blocks. A face is solid if it fills the whole plane.

Chunk: Shows nearby chunk data. E.g. if the chunk is entity ticking or not

Spawn Chunk: Shows entity ticking and lazy spawn chunks


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