Debug Tools

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Debug Tools requires LLibrary.


  • /debugtools (command) [(required args)] [optional args] or
  • /dt (command) [(required args)] [optional args]



  • /debugtools dump (which) [modid] [showNBT] or
  • /debugtools d (which) [modid] [showNBT]

which is a string and determines which items to dump.

  • hand, h: Dump your hands contents.
  • inventory, inv, i: Dump your inventory and armor.
  • hotbar, b: Dump your hotbar. Not Yet Implemented
  • registry, all, a: Dump all registered items.

modid is a string which you can use to only dump a single mod. If you want to dump everything use * or all. Defaults to all.

showNBT is a boolean and should be true if you want NBT data as well. Defaults to false.


Show some infos for the item your are holding.

/debugtools info

Make a Test World

Make a world into a test world.

  • Disables Daylight and Weather Cycle
  • Sets time to 1000
  • Disables Mob Spawning
  • Enable more debug info
  • Enable flight

/debugtools makeTestWorld


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