Deadbush Tools

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Hello everybody,

I am back with a mod that adds powerful tools to your game, the Deadbush Tools mod !!!



  • Deadbush Sword
  • Deadbush Shovel
  • Deadbush Hoe
  • Deadbush Axe
  • Deadbush Pickaxe
  • Deadbush Spear
  • Deadbush Battle Axe
  • Deadbush Katana (from v1.1)
  • Deadbush Knife (from v1.1)
  • Deadbush Nunchaku (from v1.1)
  • Dead Metal Ingot (from v1.2)


  • Deadbush Helmet
  • Deadbush Chestplate
  • Deadbush Leggings
  • Deadbush Boots
  • Dead Metal Helmet (from v1.2)
  • Dead Metal Chestplate (from v1.2)
  • Dead Metal Leggings (from v1.2)
  • Dead Metal Boots (from v1.2)


  • Deadbush Apple


  • Deadbush Mob
  • Dead Slime (from v1.2)
  • Dead Saurus (from v1.2)


  • Deadbush Bomb (from v1.1)
  • Deadbush Rain (from v1.1)


  • Dead Metal Ore (from v1.2)


How can I make the tools ?

You can make the basic tools and armors as the minecraft tools and armors, but you must use deadbush as the material !

Special Recipes:


Deadbush Spear Recipe:

Deadbush Battle Axe Recipe:

Deadbush Apple Recipe:

Deadbush Recipe:

Deadbush Katana Recipe:

Deadbush Knife Recipe:

Deadbush Nunchaku Recipe:

Deadbush Bomb Recipe:

Deadbush Rain Recipe:





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