De-Extinction Mod

11,089 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2
Welcome to 1.15.2 De-Extinction Mod! This mod adds extinct animals to Minecraft!


We are so grateful for your support, we're a growing community and without you this mod wouldn't be possible.


Special note:

We are looking for interested people that texture (items/mobs) or model (mobs/blocks). If you are interested in joining our team, please get in touch with us on discord (link below), send a message to the Leader (RafaMv) or any other Developer.

Keep bringing them back to life!



Coder: RafaMV

Modeler: Tornado4, Tooru, TheSirBatman, Diictodom
Official Wiki: by MLGMagicHoodini 

Past Team Members: ASDFGirl, FiskoToodles, Jai, John Gerry, LucasLima, RuroniTobi, ThatsAPaddling, TheCreepyGuy, Zeinner Mithology, Zoom. 

Quick Start:

How to get fossils? 
Fossils must be mined by using a rockpick; 
A fossil block will drop only one (placeable) fossil item; 
Radiometric Dating Instrument can help you locate specific geologic periods; 

How to get DNA? 
Clean your Fossils at a Cleaning Table
Extract DNA from your Cleaned Fossils at a DNA Extractor
This process will result on DNA Bottles, which are used to research and create animals/plants; 

How to Research an Animal or Plant? 
Every animal and plant must be researched before de-extincting it; 
Place your DNA bottles and Empty Data Disks into a DNA Decoder
Note that this machine will keep some of those data disks as a research; 
Your research progress is shown at the bottom of the DNA Decoder screen when a DNA Bottle is placed;
If your research is completed, you can write a data disk with a default DNA String (AAA) from that animal/plant;
This DNA String will determine the variant of your future animal/plant; 
DNA Strings can be modified at a DNA Editor Machine

How to De-Extinct an Animal or Plant? 
To de-extinct an animal or plant, you have to place the written data disk into the De-Extinction Machine; 
This process will require a container for that DNA, e.g. a chicken egg, an empty syringe, or some seeds/saplings; 
Then, enjoy the power of genetics!

More information at our Official Wiki:

Join our official Discord Channel: 



Release 1.15.2 - 1.0.2 
- Fixed some bugs on server.

Release 1.15.2 - 1.0.1 
- Now using a syringe shows a status message instead of a chat message; 
- Fixed a bug preventing the microscope to drop its items when destroyed; 
- Fixed Basilosaurus and Livyatan hunting AI; 
- Fixed bugs when launching this mod on a server. 

Release 1.15.2 - 1.0.0 
Version 1.12.2 ported to 1.15.2

+ Added Fossil Blocks; 
+ Added Cleaning Table; 
+ Added Dna Extractor; 
+ Added Dna Decoder; 
+ Added Dna Editor; 
+ Added De-Extinction Machine; 
+ Added Microscope; 

+ Added Radiometric Dating Instrument; 
+ Added Rockpick; 
+ Added Brush; 
+ Added Placeable Fossils; 
+ Added Cleaned Fossils; 
+ Added Dna Bottles; 
+ Added Data Disks; 
+ Added Syringes and Eggs; 

+ Added Anthropornis;
+ Added Arctotherium; 
+ Added Basilosaurus;
+ Added Canis; 

+ Added Kelenken; 
+ Added Livyatan;

+ Added Macrauchenia; 

+ Added Sebecus;

+ Added Smilodon; 

+ Added Theriodictis; 

+ Added 4 Banksia variants; 


This mod requires Forge 1.15.2 - 31.2.0 or above.


Join our official Discord Channel:


P.S.: The the only official ways to get this is from Curse and Minecraft Forum.


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