De-Extinction Mod

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Welcome to De-Extinction mod! This mod adds extinct animals such as Dinosaurs, Archosaurs, Saber tooth tigers and more!


How is this mod different from other Dinosaur mods out there? Well, you obtain extinct animals through De-Extinction!
"What's De-Extinction?" you might ask, De-extinction, or resurrection biology, or species revivalism is the process of creating an organism, which is either a member of, or resembles an extinct species, or breeding population of such organisms. Also, this mod implements dominant and recessive alleles in the mobs (Soon)!

Coder: Diictodom, Zoom, RafaMV(inactive)

Modeler: Tornado4, Tooru, TheSirBatman, Diictodom


Past Team Members: ThatsAPaddling, ASDFGirl, RuroniTobi, FiskoToodles, LucasLima, TheCreepyGuy, Jai, John Gerry, Zeinner Mithology




Pre-alpha 0.0.2 "Bits and Bobs": 



+Added Centrifuge
+Added Embryo Injection Station
+Added Embryo Research Station
+Added new texture for Mesozoic Fossil Block

+Increased Smilodon Populator Size

-Reduced Fossil Block spawn chance
-Tweaked AI for various Mobs
-Updated Hitboxes



Pre-alpha 0.0.1 "We are Alive!": 



+Paleozoic Fossil

+Mesozoic Fossil

+Cenozoic Fossil

+Fossil Cleaning Station


+Fossil items (dirty and clean, for 3 different periods)



+Kelenken meat

+Kelenken feather


+Arctotherium bonariense

+Glyptodon clavipes

+Kelenken guillermoi

+Sebecus icaeorhinus

+Smilodon populator

(Please note that the download is still in its infancy, so there is no real way of getting the animals in survival mode) 


 This mod requires Forge  1.12.2- or above to play


Join us in our official Discord Channel!


Also be wary of other mod repost,  the only official way to get this is from Curse and Minecraft Forum.


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