3,316 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Welcome to Dawnstar!


I believe that as much as I love adventuring for things, Minecraft needs have more of the craft in it. This adds tons of new items into the game that you can find on your own while playing, or craft once you have the resources! This mod opens up options for creativity within Minecraft. Explore and find all the secrets! So far adds a ton of new features! Enjoy to its fullest in SMP.




- 5 More unique stone variants

- A condensed form of coal blocks called anthracite

- More Glowstone types

- Nether Ores

- Nether and Ender block types

- More obsidian types

- ALL 1.13 Blocks + NEW Green Coral

- 1.14 Bamboo plants and blocks

- Chocolate!

- a Gloom Dimension made from Demonic Obsidian

- & much more!


This mod was made using MCreator 1.8.1

The mod requires Forge 1.12.2-2768




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