Dave's Potioneering

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📖 About 📖

Dave’s Potioneering is a mod that makes changes to how potions and alchemy work with the goal of making the brewing and use of potions much more enjoyable. Rather than simply adding more potions to the game, we make changes to the brewing system and inventory management to make the creation of potions more efficient and their application much more intuitive. This is an overall improvement on the current utilization of potions and brewing in Minecraft, and a great Vanilla+ base that compliments other potion-related mods you may be using.

 Dave's Potioneering requires Geckolib.


  • Potions now stack
  • Splash potions throw much further
  • More efficient brewing
  • Coated weapons
  • Milk bottles
  • New potion-based weapon
  • Support for other mods’ potions


📘 Wiki/Documentation 📘

Potioneering is a mod that applies numerous changes that you may or may not experience throughout the Minecraft world. If you're curious about exact values, features, or just want to follow the development/management of the mod, you can check out the official Trello which keeps track of everything. It isn't as fancy as a Wiki, but it should include all the information you're looking for! You can also contact me on Discord if you'd like to ask questions or provide feedback/suggestions on the mod.



1.16 Forge/Fabric, 1.18 Forge/Fabric, 1.19 Forge/Fabric


Contact me on Discord (20mm#9000) if you would like to make suggestions, report bugs, or follow the development of the mod.


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