Darwin Sprinting System

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+added languages: French,Russian,Turkish,English,German and Breton


+added new enchantment MaxStamina (which expand the max time you can run)

+added new enchantment Overloadtime reduction(which lower the time you have to wait if you overcharge)

+added new enchantment StaminaRegen(which seed up the normal regen of Stamina)


All of these enchantments are only available on boots, and they can be max level 4


+ added new config option


"darwin system enchantment" 
D:"increasing regeneration with every level of enchantment in Secounds (1.0 = 1s)"=0.5
D:"increasing the maximum with each level of enchantment in Secounds (1.0 = 1s)"=1.0
D:"the reduction of the regeneration time when you have reached 0% stamina with every level of enchantment in Secounds (1.0 = 1s)"=1.0


fix the mod place the interface in the middle of screen now ( you still can edit the pos based of the middle)

fix the system stops u from sprinting in creative mode

fix when you hit an enemy while sprinting you will not be stoped anymore

fix if you hold sprint key while hitting an enemy your stamina will just renegerate while you're still sprinting and it wont go down until you stop and start sprinting again