Dark Utilities (Fabric)

4,716 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot

This project has been discontinued until further notice. I have no plans to continue maintaining the mod, or to allow a new maintainer at this time.


This is a Fabric port of my mod Dark Utilities. Dark Utilities is a utility mod which adds many new blocks and items to the game. The aim of this mod is to provide players with interesting and niche content that they can use in their builds. This version of the mod is compatible with snapshot versions of Minecraft, and plays around with experimental features that are not available under regular circumstance





Note: All recipes can be found in the vanilla recipe book. All items will also have a TLDR description in their tooltip. This page contains the in-depth information about the content and how it behaves.

  • Vector Plate - The Vector Plate will push mobs, players, items, and other entities in the direction it is pointing. There are three tiers of Vector Plate, each tier is roughly 5X faster than the previous tier. Sneaking entities will not be moved by the plate. Powering the vector plate will disable it for as long as it is powered. Mobs can spawn on top of these plates. Right clicking a Vector Plate while sneaking will rotate it.
  • Redstone Randomizer - This block will randomly turn itself on/off. When it is on it will provide a redstone signal to nearby blocks. The Redstone Randomizer will start in the off state when placed normally. If you sneak while placing it, it will be in the on state.





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