Dark Dungeons (Fabric)

115,254 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 18, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.3

Adds some cool new dungeons lol.


My entry for FallFest 2020!

  • Adds random dungeons that generate spawner boss rooms!
  • Supports custom Spawner Profiles that can be used to customise the mobs and waves spawned by the spawners! See src/main/resources/data/spawner_profiles for an example.
  • Cool Eerie Torches that emit 6 light level for your extra-spooky builds!


Comments are disabled, so if you want to report a bug, do so on GitHub (note that I may not fix any more).

No, I'm not going to port this mod to Forge, and there is also a chance that I may not update it to 1.17 (when released) as it was originally written for a competition in 7 days and I never intended to support it much after that. You are free to update the mod to newer versions if you like, but sending me a message to let me know would be nice 🙂