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A mod made exclusively for the Damned Minecraft modpack. Usage outside of this modpack is not permitted.

Requires the following mods to be installed:

  •  Better Smithing
  •  Crafttweaker
  •  MineAndSlash
  •  ToroHealth
  •  Antique Atlas
  • Lycanite's Mobs

Current features include:

  • Adding compatibility betwen MineAndSlash health values and ToroHealth. (PR?)
  • Sync Scaling Health's difficulty values to the client and expose them to Crafttweaker. MCLivingEntity.getSHDifficulty() as float
  • Fix a bug with BetterSmithings way of registering a tag (Report to them)
  • Allow for a way to identify souls before using them through Crafttweaker. IItemStack.identifySoul() as void
  • Reduce Lycanite's Mobs structure spawn radius
  • Add difficulty overlay button to antique atlas to display Mine and Slash difficulty as a gradient.