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As of 1.12 this mod is being removed as a requirement for other D3 mods. All of its features will be moved to a new mod in the future.


What it do?

  • Enable/Disable/Edit Endermen block pickups. You can also make them drop your stolen goods again! (Limited to Blocks with ID's 255 and below.)
  • 100% remove rain. No more rainy days! (Works on servers if configured on server side.)
  • String ID/Unlocalized name/Ore dictionary entries add to the hover tooltip. Activate by pressing F3+H. (Individual Enable/Disable in the Core config.)
  • Disable sleep from advancing the day or disable sleeping altogether!
  • Keep items when dying to void damage! (Per dimension toggling!)
  • Sick of spawning under the ocean? Turn on lilypad spawning! (Off by default. Creates new lilypad every time the player connects to the game.)
  • "Clays torture mode" Turn this on to disable players dropping items on death! It's like hard core but not! :D (Off by default for obvious reasons.)


  • /setloginmessage - Reset the login message!
    • /setloginmessage [text] - Set the login message!



Tooltip options with all active!


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