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The Cyclops!

The cyclops lives on a small, remote island that will rarely generate in the middle of oceans.
As you approach the island, the boss bar will appear, letting you know you are close.

After landing at the island, descend down into its cave and prepare for battle with a truly massive foe.
Standing more than twice the size of a player, the Cyclops is a terrifying enemy.

The Fight!

he key to defeating the cyclops is to be quick on your feet! It has 3 devastating attacks, each of which can kill you from full health.
The cyclops is incredibly powerful, but not very agile. Jump out of the way of his attacks and keep out of his reach to stay alive.
His thick skin makes hime immune to fire and provides quite a bit of protection against arrows.
Sharpen your sword and get in close!


The Slam

The Cyclops will lift its tremendous club (basically a tree trunk) high above his head and slam it down to the ground at your feet.  If you haven't moved, you'll be smashed into the rocks without a question.


The Charge
If you get too far from the Cyclops, it'll lower its head and charge at you. Any player caught in this path will be sent flying into the cave wall at extremely unpleasant speeds.

The Eye Beam!
Ahh the Eye! The cyclop's most terrifying weapon! It will periodically focus its gaze upon those at a distance and blast them with an intense stream of deadly red energy. You absolutely need to get away from this beam as it chases you. If you stay in his focus for just a few ticks you'll be melted into the floor of the cave like so many before you.


The Loot!

If you are lucky enough to survive an encounter with the Cyclops, you'll be rewarded with a Cyclops Eye which can be crafted into a Beacon Eye

Place the all seeing beacon eye on top of an active beacon. The energy from the beacon will power the eye and make all mobs within the beacon's range glow with a white outline!


Good Luck!