Cycle Switcher

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Requires the Fabric API for localisation.

Cycle Switcher - Example

We've all been in that situation: happily building a new project, and then it starts to rain. Now, at this point there are a few options, and quite a large number of people would just type out a command to clear up the weather and be done with it. Others, knowing the effort of typing out the command is not worth it, will simply use Cycle Switcher to clear the weather, by pressing F3 + F5 - getting back to building far quicker than using a command.

So what does it do?

Quite simply put, it adds an F3 + F4-like menu for things such as weather, time and difficulty (F5, F6 and F7, respectfully). This means that, instead of pressing F3 + F4, to get the gamemode switcher you may be familiar with, you can press a combination of F3 + F5, to get a switcher very similar, but for weather instead. Weather modes you can switch between: Clear, rain and thunder. A combination of F3 + F6 will allow you to change between 4 different times of day (day, noon, night and midnight. The times are equivalent to doing "/time set %s", where %s is the mode being selected). Finally, for F3 + F7, you will receive a menu for switching difficulty, just in case you need to change that on the fly.


Image of F3 + F5 menu Image of F3 + F6 menu Image of F3 + F7 menu


Credit to Jason for the idea of extending the vanilla menu.
Credit to NotSoAI for the logo.


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