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Uploaded Jul 3, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
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Java 8
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! Fixed Tough As Nails compat not showing up.

! Fixed neuropozyne not applying potion effect.

! Fixed crash from ticking skin augment.

! Fixed crash from ticking muscle augment.




! Fixed reflection crash in the Cyberzombie.




! Fixed missing Cyberzombie name localization.

! Fixed missing Blueprint tooltip localization.

! Fixed crashing bug when attempting to manufacture new parts in the Engineering Table.





+ Added Forge Energy support to the Charger.

! Fixed several unlocalized bits of text on the HUD and various GUIs.

! Fixed crashing bug when using the Charger.

! Changed text on the tooltip to say "SNEAK" instead of "shift" for more info.

! Fixed Charger spamming log with "5000".

! Fixed ticking entity exception on Creeper explosion.

! Fixed crash with recent Tough As Nails versions.




+Added French translation, thanks to Niuttuc!

! Fixed metabolic generator bug introduced in 0.2.5 that caused major server issues




+ Low-light vision and metabolic generator now can be toggled in the radial menu

! The metabolic generator now functions correctly with saturation - also acting as a buff

! Myomer muscle replacements now correctly replace muscles




+ Added an experimental HUD float effect. This can be enabled in the config and adds a bit of life to the HUD

+ Added a config option to disable changes to the player model

! Configuration options now sync from server to client for numbers tweaks. This means that servers can adjust tolerance numbers or engineering table and scanner percentages or times and clients will adapt

! Corrected optifine fix from 0.2.3, now functions as intended

! Ensured that the Baubles button shows up in the inventory with Fine Manipulators installed

! Fixed a desync bug where the charger would stop charging on the client

! Fixed positioning of the crosshair while using implanted spider eyes




! Eased performance issues regarding event handling

! Fixed a rare crash related to item tooltips

! Disabled first person rendering adjustments with optifine installed, resolving issues where cyberarms wouldn't appear

! Blueprints now always create full durability items

! Fixed a crash related to the platelet dispatcher




! Fixed RAM consumption issues

+ Added a HUD customization system, allowing players to recolor and reorganize their HUD

+ Added a notification to remind players to open the Cyberware radial menu

+ Added the Hudlens, an alternative to Cybereyes and the Hudjack

+ Added API system for HUD elements

! Fixed Cyberware armor rendering on zombies

! Fixed player rendering when the player has missing skin and no legs

! Fixed missing limbs and other organs not correctly registering on the client

! Fixed HUD with Tough As Nails installed

! Fixed Engineering Table collision box

! Fixed crash related to bone upgrades




! Fixed extra printlns

! Updated


0.2.0: Warranty Voiding Update


+ Reworked textures, courtesy of Yulife!

+ First stage of progression system

     ~ Cyberzombies now drop "Salvaged" quality Cyberware, which has a 50% higher Tolerance cost

     + Added the Engineering Table to deconstruct and craft Cyberware

     + Added the Scanner to scan Cyberware loot for Blueprints

     + Added the Blueprint Archive and Component Box to organize Components and Blueprints

     + Added the Radio Kit and Radio Beacon to attract more Cyberzombies

+ Several Cyberware items can now be toggled

     + Hold R (by default) to open the radial menu

     + Can bind Cyberware to a keybind

+ Added Cyberzombie Brutes
+ Added two gamerules to keep or drop implanted Cyberware on death

+ Added two augments that integrate with Tough As Nails to help keep you safe in extreme temperatures

+ Added seven new augments for you to find!

+ Added the Katana, Trenchcoat, Mirrorshades, and Biker Jacket
~ Cyberzombies now spawn like vanilla mobs

~ Cyberzombies are now spookier

~ Essence is now called "Tolerance" so it's more descriptive

! Fixed rendering of Cyberlimbs with the Alex player model




+ Hudlink power display now flickers under 5%, turns red under 20%

! Fixed Tesla API modid, fixing a crash. If you get a crash with this version of the mod, you're using an outdated Tesla API.

! Fixed bonelacing hearts not appearing after changing dimension.

! Fixed defibrillator not dropping from zombies




! Fixed function of the Charger - should now no longer "ghost charge" on the client, leading to presumed issues when changing dimensions or relogging

! Fixed losing all augments when you travel through the End return portal




! Fixed a bug related to usage of the Tesla API

! Fixed a crash with heart upgrades




+ The Robosurgeon GUI has experienced several additions

     + When clicking a slot would remove or add a piece of Cyberware, this is now indicated via tooltip

     + An index page was added to the Robosurgeon including a full list of Cyberware installed and a list of changes made

+ Cyberlegs now replace the fall damage noise with a satisfying clank

~ Missing eyes and unpowered Cybereyes now don't blind players in Creative mode

~ The Neural Contextualizer now will not switch from swords

! The Creative Capacitor now actually acts as a producer in terms of GUI warnings

! Cyberarms now render correctly with the thinner (Alex) player model

! Cyberzombies no longer spawn in the Nether




! The Creative Capacitor now acts as a producer in terms of GUI warnings

! Cyberware resetting now functions correctly

! Fixed hitbox for no-legged players




+ Added the /clearcyberware command for server ops to clear a user's ware

+ Added a config option for a player's Essence cap and critical Essence level

+ Added a warning when a player has no installed power generation but has power-consuming ware

~ Changed behavior of the Surgery Chamber to better stop players from doing things they don't want to




! Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing the skin/muscle/bone cross cut




+ Added a back button to the Surgery GUI

! Fixed a bug with the Surgery Chamber renderer that could cause a crash




! Fixed a Cyberzombie performance issue




! Fixed two crashes related to Cyberzombies




! Fixed a crash related to the Robosurgeon on dedicated servers.




! Fixed Surgery Chambers dropping an Apple instead of a Surgery Chamber. Oops!