Mini Creepers Pets

4,598 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

A cute little creeper that follows you whenever you go! You can tame it with gunpowder, and he might sometimes give you some surprises!

It has a really low chance of spawning, but it spawn anywhere at any time.

V2: Added 3 new mini creepers with different abilities!

V3: Added sitting! If you right click your pets, they will stay still! This is showed with particles that spawn when you right click it!


Added a 1.14.4 downgrade! 

Do you want to know what they do in advance? It's a spoiler, but ok... 

Green: Gives Iron!

Blue: Gives diamonds! (really rarely)

Yellow: Gives haste 2 for 60 seconds! (Rarely)

Pink: Gives healt regen 2 for 60 seconds! (rarely)




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