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Cute Kiwi Birds - new animal

Kiwi Birds


This Mod adds the new zealand kiwi birds to minecraft!


Version 1.16 is out!






  • You can find wild-spawning kiwis in most Forest biomes (no Jungle).
  • They can be bred with all kinds of seeds and sweet berries. After breeding they lay eggs.
  • They dig the ground for food, sometimes dropping items they found
  • The wandering trader has a chance to sell kiwi eggs which can be placed
  • Kiwis make the original cute kiwi sounds!


If you have any suggestions to improve this mod, let me know in the comments.



Kiwi birds






Version 1.1:

  • Kiwi eggs can now be mined with silk touch pickaxes, similar to turtle eggs
  • removed plains as spawn biome


Version 1.2:

Fixed some bugs

added kiwi entity in language file

added support for multiple versions