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Customizable Player Models

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This is the Forge version of the mod! Get the Fabric version here:


Customizable Player Models

Create a custom avatar using the editor.

Creating a hat in the editor

The models have be exported to show up in the world.
The models are stored in unused space on your Minecraft Skin, or as a Gist on GitHub.

Upload the exported image file as your skin to load the custom model.


The additional parts can have custom textures, higher resolution skins can be used (Steve skin from Soartex Fanver - Vanilla)

Parts of the normal player model can be hidden or moved around.


You can even make parts of your skin "glow" like a glow squid.



Discord server:

Plugin for Bukkit/Spigot servers for changing skins ingame (not required):

Downloads per Minecraft and Loader version:

1.20.6 NeoForge, Fabric
1.20.4 NeoForge, Forge, Fabric, Quilt
1.20.2 NeoForge, Forge, Fabric
1.20.1 Forge, Fabric, Quilt
1.19.4 Forge, Fabric
1.19.3 Forge, Fabric
1.19.2 Forge, Fabric
1.18.2 Forge, Fabric
1.17.1 Forge, Fabric
1.16.5 Forge, Fabric
1.15.2 Forge, Fabric
1.14.4 Forge, Fabric
1.12.2 Forge
1.10.2 Forge
1.8.9 Forge
1.7.10 Forge
1.6.4 Forge
1.5.2 Forge
1.4.7 Forge
1.2.5 Forge
Beta 1.7.3 Babric and Better Than Adventure