Custom NPCs

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Filename CustomNPCs-
Uploaded by Noppes_
Uploaded May 15, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5  
Size 11.88 MB
Downloads 158,142
MD5 9d204b1c5dd8cdbe9737fbdc761f33d9
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- mailbox fix
- texture reload fix
- texture shouldnt filter -
- replaced interactable true/false with hitbox normal/none/solid
- fix where you could stand on npcs by default, if you want this use hitbox = solid
- spawner entity tab crash fix
- possible natural spawning crash fix
- golem arm swing fix
- script block explosion crash fix
- script item setLore fix
- startup crash fix
- entity selection missing npcs fix
- rotation is edit model fix
- scripted item resetting in creative fix
- added event lists to scripting
- added attribute lists to scripting
- max scripts increased to 40
- addSlot scripting error fix
- dimension id scripting fix
- mounter crash fix
- spawnEntity script fix
- projectile particles fix
- should fix missing forge events for scripting
- german language updated, thanks to @-🌿Dati
- /noppes spawn command fix
- fix lycanite mobs not showing in edit models
- toss/giveitem cancel event fix
- copy block fix now saves to .schem format
- builder block can now load .schem
- added keyRelease scripting event
- texture selection fix
- moved script functions list to other side
- NpcNaturalSpawningChunkLimit added to CustomNpcs.cfg
- NoppesCommandOpOnly added to CustomNpcs.cfg, default false so that command blocks can run the /noppes commands
- scroll/search gui fixes
- mohist/magma server npc respawning bug fix
- bard looping option added
- IPlayer.playMusic scripting added
- playSound player event added