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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Have you ever wanted a simple way to add your own music discs to Minecraft, without having to write a single line of Java code?
Well, with Custom Music Discs, you can add as many discs as you want, configure crafts, generation in dungeons and make them droppable by monsters.
Additionally, the discs you add can be dropped by creepers when they are killed by skeletons, just like vanilla discs (this can be disabled in the config file).


/!\ Setup instructions can change with the version of the mod. If you're using an older version, you should get your instructions from the "README.txt" file in the downloaded archive.

How to set up Custom Music Discs (Video tutorial):



How to set up Custom Music Discs (Text tutorial):


Singleplayer / Client:


First install it like any other Forge mod: put the jar file into .minecraft/mods.

Then create a folder named "CMD files" in your .minecraft (you can also create it in .minecraft/mods, it can be useful especially if you want to make a modpack with your musics). For each disc you want to add, put the matching sound file (ogg Vorbis file) in "CMD files". To create an ogg Vorbis file from any sound file, open it with Audacity (free software), go to file -> export as ogg Vorbis.
Every time you add or change a music, you have to launch Minecraft and get to the title screen, to complete the process. Then close and restart your game to play, otherwise the new discs won't work.

Each disc receives an icon from a vanilla disc (it's not random, it depends on the music's name, so it will always be the same icon for the same disc).
If you want a disc to have a custom icon, put the image (png file) in "CMD files". It must have the same name as the sound file. For example, an icon for "sound.ogg" shall be called "sound.png".
After adding an icon, you have to restart your game, just like when you add a new sound.

If you're not adding any new music or icon, you can disable the "update_discs_when_launching_Minecraft" option in the config file. That way, files will not be updated every time you launch the game, and you will get to the title screen a lot faster. Warning: if you add new musics or icons, you HAVE to enable the option, otherwise it won't work properly.

You can also create a text file associated with your disc (called "sound.txt" for "sound.ogg"), to configure crafts, drops and generation in dungeons. Refer to "How to configure a disc file" for more information. If you don't need any of those features for your singleplayer disc, don't create a text file.

To join a multiplayer server with Custom Music Discs:

  • you NEED to have an ogg sound file for each disc configured on the server
  • you CAN have custom icons for some discs, they will be used on the client side, just like a resource pack
  • you DON'T NEED any text files with crafts, drops and dungeons generation configuration. If you have some, they will have no effect while you're on the server.



First install it like any Forge mod: put the jar file into the "mods" directory of your Forge server.

Then create a new folder called "CMD files" in the server's main directory (like for Singleplayer, you can also make your "CMD files" folder in the server's mods directory).

In this folder, create a text file for each one of the music discs you want to add, and name it the same as the music. You can configure crafts, drops or generation in dungeons in this text file. Refer to "How to configure a disc file" for more information. If you don't want any of those features, you still have to create a text file, otherwise the disc won't be created, so just leave the file empty.
Do not put sound files or icons on the server side, they are resources and they belong on the client side.



How to configure a disc file:

You might want your disc to have a craft, to be dropped by a specific creature or found in a specific dungeon.
To do so, go to the "CMD files" folder you have created (in ".minecraft" for Singleplayer, or in the main directory for a server). If you're configuring a server and you have followed the set up instructions, you should already have an empty text file. If you're on Singleplayer, create a new text file named after the disc, for example "sound.txt" for "sound.ogg".

There is a tool that generates a disc file automatically: download this html file ( Link Removed: v1.3.html  / Link Removed: v1.1.html ) and open it using your favorite browser. It works with Chrome, Firefox and IE, haven't tried with others. If clicking buttons does nothing, tell your browser to stop blocking scripts execution.

To configure your text file manually, follow the instructions below.

Adding crafts:

To add a craft for your disc, first write a "craft_start" line.
The next 9 lines represent your craft. Lines 1 to 3 represent the 3 items on the first row of the crafting grid, lines 4 to 6 are the second row of the crafting grid, and lines 7 to 9 are the last row.
Write "craft_end" at the end.
You can use items and blocks, and even mod items, by writing their ID. To find an item's ID, press F3 + H in game. The IDs will then be displayed under the items' names.
Here is an example craft:

You don't have to write all 9 lines if your craft is smaller:

If your craft takes only one row, like the example above, it will work on any row of the crafting grid. Same goes for columns.

You can specify the needed metadata using the colon character:

If no metadata is specified, any metadata will work for the craft.

You can add as many crafts as you want per disc, just remember to always start the recipe with "craft_start" and to end it with "craft_end"!

Adding drops:

To make a monster drop your disc, simply add this line in the text file:
For example, drops:Zombie:20 will make zombies drop your disc with a 20% chance. If you want several monsters to drop your disc, you can write several lines, for example:
If you use "All" as monster name, all living mobs will drop your disc with the specified chance.
If you can't find a monster's name, look for its "Savegame ID" on this page.


Adding dungeon generation:

To add dungeon generation for your disc, add this line to the text file:

For example, dungeons:village_blacksmith:10 adds your disc to the villages chests, with a 10% chance. You can find the name of all the dungeons chests in the official list of loot tables, under "chests".

Here are the old names of the dungeons chests (pre 1.9), that still work with the mod for compatibility with old disc files. However, it is advised to use the new names.

  • dungeonChest (classic dungeon made of cobblestone, with a monster spawner)
  • bonusChest (optional chest that spawns next to you when you create a new world)
  • villageBlacksmith
  • mineshaftCorridor
  • pyramidDesertyChest
  • pyramidJungleChest
  • strongholdCorridor
  • strongholdLibrary
  • strongholdCrossing

Here is an example disc file. This disc can be crafted by putting redstone or glowstone on top of a diamond in the crafting table. It has a 10% chance to be dropped when a Blaze dies, and a 20% chance to be found in jungle temples.








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