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noun: curio; plural noun: curios
  1. a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.

A spiritual successor to Baublelicious.


adds many baubles with different effects.


Infusing Table: Infuse items with XP, different levels selected via lapis.

Pedestal: Display items and if the items is a bauble do the effect in an area.

Elemental Crystals: Found in different regions of the world.



Mystic Crystal: Used in crafting recipes. can be infused with XP. (right-click to return XP, Gives back dust).

A infusion level is select by adding a lapis to the infusion table. 1 lapis is one step up.

Mystic Crystal Dust: Can be crafted back to a crystal


Ring Of Flight: Lets you fly like creative.

Magnet Ring: pull items toward you.


Speed Belt: makes you run and fly faster.

Falling Belt: removes fall damage.

Belt Of Water Walking: lets you walk on water.


Amulet Of Growth: speeds up the growth of any plant ingame.

Amulet Of Diving: lets you breathe underwater.

Amulet Of The Fiery Core: protects you from fire damage.

Amulet Of Nightvision: gives you night vision.


Deflection Tiara: Deflect projectiles 50% of the time.

Deflection Tiara(Infused): Deflect projectiles 100% of the time. Crafted by infusing the default one with 50 levels without any lapis.



  • Backup your world!
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Install Baubles
  • Download and drop the Curio.jar file into your ".minecraft/mods" folder. 


Mod packs

You may use it in any mod pack you like.


Idea's and Suggestions

If you cool idea or suggestions on how to make the mod better, head on over to the GitHub and open an issue

Issues & Contribution

If you would like to contribute or come across any bugs, head on over to the GitHub



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