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Cull Clouds

Fabric mod that adds a small optimization improves clouds building way to not render parts which you cant see to increase fps

Works only with "Fancy" clouds

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Why is this mod not updating?

Sodium has added the functionality of this mod in new versions, so, I think updates of this mod are no longer needed


And also, the mod gives too small increase in fps to develop it further, I don't know why people would need it, because as it says a bit above of the fps comparison picture, the mod usually only gives +1 fps if you play in normal scenarios



This mod has compatibility issues, I tested it with two mods:

Extended Clouds - does not run with Cull Clouds

SuperFancyClouds - runs, but Cull Clouds does nothing

The list of incompatibilities may grow, because in order to improve the vanilla clouds, Cull Clouds is essentially rewriting it



Here's a comparison of fps between Vanilla and Cull Clouds


If you're not playing on a flat world, the increase may be very small, something like a 1-2 fps difference

FPS Comparison