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Filename CubicWorldGen-1.10.2-
Uploaded by barteks2x
Uploaded Feb 7, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 419.84 KB
Downloads 214
MD5 924cf3d31d7fa3436ee267c0cd2edf38
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



  • • Fixed unnecessary attempt to save generator settings at client side. Also fixes vanilla bug for CustomCubic world where biome generator sometimes produces the wrong results when player is in unloaded chunks clientside.
  • • Added per-layer biome generator
  • • Removed accidental dependencies on cubic chunks implementation, use only API
  • • Fixed sometimes not generating ores with small height range
  • • Added option to specify custom lakes, with custom probability based on height
  • • Switched to a more flexible json library, significantly improved automatic conversion of old presets
  • • Added detection of presets where the previous version didn't use river/biome size
  • • Removed mixin from CWG jar, CWG uses CubicChunks mixin now
  • • Added generateWhen for ores, replace genInBlockstates with placeBlockWhen (not in GUI, requires manually editing json)


  • • Store presets in external text file in world directory to avoid vanilla 64kB size limit
  • • Added a minimal GUI for editing preset text when MalisisCore is not installed


  • • Fix incorrectly interpreting multilayer presets created with 1.11.2-


  • • Implement improved cubic chunks API
  • • Save smaller CustomCubic preset string, allows to add more layers without running into vanilla 64kB preset size limit
  • • Preset GUI shows more readable version of preset json
  • • Internal changes for ForgeEssentials compatibility


  • • Fixed attempting to generate mixin config file for farlands with the same name as cubic chunks

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