Cubic Villager

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Filename CubicVillager-0.40.4.jar
Uploaded by a1lic
Uploaded Jun 27, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 210.66 KB
Downloads 1,180
MD5 da778bb616ff08f6f9edc2b76d36b086
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0.40.4 - Fix missing texture
May be final release for 1.15.2. I'm going to 1.16.1 :)

[FIX] Missing texture for modded villagers

0.40.3 - Fix crashing on startup

[FIX] Crash on initialization phase - caused by detecting development environment

0.40.2 - Ready to MC 1.15.2 + Forge 31.2.0

[ADD] Villager slab is come back!

[ADD] Wand: Drop iron blocks and iron ingots when attack iron golem with wand

[ADD] Villager block: Craft vacant villager block with XP bottle, tradeable villager block is come back!

[CHANGE] Villager: No drops when killing villager

[CHANGE] Wand: Infinity usage count. No emerald to charge

[CHANGE] Villager block: Renew GUI layout to based on 1.15.2

[CHANGE] Villager block: Use stone cutter to make villager slab