2,712 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.11.2

Welcome to CStudiosMod


CStudios Mod 1:

This Mod adds new stuff that should have been in Minecraft already, like oil and plastic. It also adds cool new ores, like Blood Diamond, Slimeium, Feldspar, and Amythest. You can even make a portal to the Slime Dimension and fight some Slime Zombies! Make the Master Sword, or a Feldspar Launcher or Blood Diamond Bow or to kill your enemies with ease! Want a challenge? Fight the terrifying Bagel Warriors! You can even make fidget spinners! Rejoice! There are even 4 new achievements to hunt!


CStudios Mod 2:

A remake of the original CStudiosMod!


CStudios Mod 3:

A remake of the original, now in 1.12.2!


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