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Crystallogy is a mod which is based on crystals. You can use these crystals to construct tools and armor. You can also use your crystals to control / manipulate your friends / entities.

Now with Custom Ais!




For more information please visit:

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 Getting Started:

First, go out into the world and mine a bunch of Crystals:


Then, craft the most basic machine in Crystallogy: The Crystal Crusher:

Third, you have to craft five Infuser Blocks and lay them out like this:

Fourth, now you got the basics set up.  Have fun with it and to get more information about this mod go to the Wiki and or use the new in game wiki book, the Book of Knowledge.




Crystallogy Tutorial #1 (Tools, Armor and Crafting) by Suited Gaming:


Crystallogy Tutorial #2 (The Voodoo Doll System) by Suited Gaming:


If you know any good video tutorials, let me know.
I also would be glad to help you, if you think about making one :D



Infusion Crafting:



Machine based crafting:



Catch entities and players. 

Use different Threat Dusts to "play" with your friends or your enemies or even with other entities.


Or even let them work for you!

Complete JEI integration. 



Modpack Guidelines:

You're welcome to include this in your pack. I do enjoy hearing about how / where you're using it though if you don't mind taking the time to do so!



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