Crystal Meth Mod

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Crystal Meth Mod:

I Apologize for the delay in updates one will be coming out for all my mods very soon(adding on to 1.6.4 and creating 1.7.X version)!


I am a big fan of breaking bad so I was inspired to make this mod. I haven't seen any other mods like it so I decided I would give it a shot. Currently in this mod there is a relatively common ore that spawns and drops dust which smelts into meth.


1.6.4: Here!

1.6.2: Here!

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Making Meth:



Methanthetemite drops 3 dust:


This is a forge mod, it requires Minecraft forge in order to work! -Install Minecraft Forge on your Minecraft. -Run forge at least once. -Put the mod .zip folder into your mods folder. -Right click the zip folder and click “Extract here” or “Extract All…” and then delete the .zip file -Then run Minecraft, load your world and enjoy!


1.1- Updated to 1.6.4 and fixed item ID bug 1.0- The mod has been created

Planned features:

-More realistic acquisition of the Meth(not currently realistic because I don't know how to make meth and neither does Google XD).

-More features like a portable meth lab machine to make it.

-trading meth to villagers for emeralds and vice-versa.

-maybe the RV from breaking Bad with a meth lab in it?


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