Cryptic Cosmos

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Cryptic Cosmos

Cryptic Cosmos is a Minecraft mod (1.16.5, 1.17 support planned) focused on exploring dimensions and discovering new biomes, blocks and creatures.

There are 3 planned dimensions, but currently are only working on one - The Makrossa dimension. The Makrossa dimension is still very WIP, but it already has a lot of building blocks and decoration. There are 2 new mobs so far, with more to come!

To travel to the dimensions, use /rift @p, or find a rift (which will spawn around you as you explore). Enjoy!

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This mod supports Minecraft version 1.16.5. All versions lower are not guaranteed to work, and we do not bear responsibility to support them.

Minecraft 1.17 is not yet supported by the Forge Team; However, we will update Cryptic Cosmos to 1.17 once the Forge Team releases a compatible version of their API. Once the mod is updated to 1.17, all 1.16.x versions will be unsupported.

This mod was built for use with the Forge mod loader, and no other. We do not bear responsibility to support other ones, such as Fabric or Rift.

Some FAQs:

The way to get into either the umbral dawn(the dimension with 1 biome and is mostly dark blue sand) or Makrossa. You can use this command with cheats or...

How to go into the dimension with commands

Find a rift in the wild :). Be sure to be careful while on an elytra as they will spawn more frequentley. Rift

Now let yourself wander through the lands of these dimensions :). There isn't a lot of content now, but be sure to look into the mod in the future as this is only the begging. Enjoy.


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