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If You'd Like Crowns for 1.12, Check Out This Mod!!

Gemstones Mod 1.12-1.12.2



Shulker Crown Controls Poll


This is a new crowns mod for versions 1.16.4-1.16.5 that will allow players to craft crowns (from vanilla materials) that will give them special effects!

This mod does not add any extra ores, which makes it perfect for an installation at any time during your playthrough. It adds each crown with way-of-life special effects to make your time easier, and some bonus/stronger effects if worn with the full set. This mod will be kept up to date often.


Crafting Recipes

Gloop: Cook a slimeball on a campfire

Binding: Gloop + Netherite ingot in a smithing table

Soul Stone: Stone block + Any skull/head (including a dragons) in a smithing table.

Crowns: N = Binding, $ = Soul stone, P =  Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot, Diamond, Chains, Leather, Ancient Debris, Shulker Shell (Depends on which type of crown you'd like)




Special Effects

Leather Crown: Haste 1

Leather Full Set: Haste 2


Chainmail Crown: Resistance 1

Chainmail Full Set: Resistance 2


Gold Crown: +2 Bonus Hearts

Gold Full Set: +4 Bonus Hearts & Hero Of the Village 1


Iron Crown: Speed 1

Iron Full Set: Speed 2


Diamond Crown: Conduit Power (Haste+Waterbreathing)

Diamond Full Set: Conduit Power & Dolphins Grace


Netherite Crown: Fire Resistance

Netherite Full Set: Fire Resistance, Night Vision, & Strength 1


Shulker Crown: Controllable Levitation





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