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CrossStitch is a Minecraft mod designed to improve Minecraft proxy compatibility with other Minecraft mods. This mod is supported by the Velocity team and is developed against Velocity and Fabric, but the principles used are intended to be generic enough to apply to any Minecraft proxy and to any Minecraft modding platform. (Once we have modern Forge support in Velocity, for instance, we'll have a version for Forge, for instance.)


CrossStitch needs to be installed on the Fabric server itself - Velocity supports CrossStitch as of Velocity 1.1.2. CrossStitch does not require the Fabric API to be installed.

Once installed, make sure to only use Velocity to connect to your server, as CrossStitch isn't available client-side - it's designed to work only with Velocity.


Mojang has been increasing the opportunities that mod developers have to add new content to the game. Unfortunately, some of those improvements do conflict with traditional Minecraft proxies. CrossStitch is our attempt to improve compatibility.


  • Allows custom Brigadier argument types to be used
    • Previously, this would have not been possible, or we would have had to write an argument serializer to cover every mod ever, which is not sustainable. CrossStitch implements a generic approach that will work with every mod and in theory every proxy as well.
  • More as the need arises.


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