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Filename crossroads-1.11.2-1.4.0.jar
Uploaded by Technomancer_isTaken
Uploaded Jul 15, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 2.50 MB
Downloads 12,610
MD5 329c7cca7e2be49914368d27dd08837b
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


WARNING: Not only is this a port to a new version of the game, but many features have changed/been optimized as well. There will be bugs that slipped through, PLEASE report any you find on Github so they can be fixed quickly. 


The Technomancy update.


Any item on the list below that starts with U is something that will break on old (pre-1.11) Crossroads worlds. Those worlds can be safely ported if the items starting with U are taken account of. 


+The entire Technomancy section of the mod (Discover it yourself, it's all in the documentation). Highlights include time manipulation, finer control over rotary systems (including speed mathematics), prototyping (think copy-able compact machines that shrink down large builds), a mechanical arm, and more. 

U*Large gears NEED to be loaded in latest 1.10 FIRST
U-Debug Reader is removed
U*Molten Copper changed registry name
U*Placed Steam Turbines will disapear from the world.
U*Delete config files
U-Removed Glow Glass
U*Changed Fusion Recipes
U*Changed Light Recipes
U-Removed Salt Tile Block
U*Bobo armor now takes damage, repaired with poisonous potatoes.
U*Salt block falls like sand.
U*Ratiators use different formula with lens holder and toggle gear
+Large gears have a new and improved model.
+All the Technomancy stuff. Highlights include, but are not limited to, prototyping, gear mathematics, chrono-fields, and mechanical arms.
*The guide book now supports localization.
*Lots of bugfixes and optimizations.
*Changed how many machines use rotary energy, they now connect directly and store energy within themselves
-Grindstones can no longer be powered from below
U-Removed drills stopping if attached to an up toggle gear (it was kind of stupid, and is no longer necessary).
+Material blocks can now be used as beacon bases
+Small gears now rotate more smoothly visually.
+Ratiator can measure through normal cube.
*Changed (crystalline) master axis textures.
*Changed some sounds
U-Fertile soil no longer interacts with redstone. Use an observer instead.
*Beams now render as very thin ("Dense") when power >= 512.
-Removed config option to make the guide book have larger text.
*Changed some recipes.
+Item Chutes can now insert into inventories
*Arcane Extractors now accept items from all sides (other than the front)
+Grindstone can turn stone into gravel
+Grindstone can grind copper ingots back into dust
U*All stored beams will disappear.
*Beam effects now reach maximum effectiveness at power >= 64 (instead of >= 128).


A 1.12 version will be released once the 1.11.2 version has had a few bugfixes for when users find everything I missed. 

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