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Speed up crop production.



Adds 4 new fertilizers and fertilized variants of normal blocks (dirt, farmland and sand) that grow crops twice as fast as normal blocks.

These blocks are made by right-clicking on their respective blocks with a fertilizer.

2 of the fertilizers (feather meal, rotten pile), are obtained from feathers and rotten flesh, while the other 2 (apatite, potash) are obtained from mining (those 2 are new ores, so you either need to make a new world, or explore new chunks to find them.)


Another new item added is a watering can, that "fertilizes" crops in a 2 block radius (5 block diameter) around the player's location.

Recipes for the different watering cans (mod used for displaying: Colored Crafting Stations):

Video example of the watering can (note: the power of the watering can is increased in the video for demonstration purposes):


Recommended mods:

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