Crooked Crooks

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Crooked Crooks

This simple mod adds a new set of tools: crooks! Inspired by the crooks from the Ex Nihilo mod family, this mod's crooks have 2 functions: breaking leaves and grasses with more speed while multiplying their drops (currently 5x for leaves, 3x for grass-like blocks) and pulling mobs, mobs can be pulled by right-clicking them with a crook, sneaking while doing this will also try to lift the mob at the cost of some durability, bigger mobs need better crooks, which have more pulling power. A wooden crook can be crafted with four sticks in a crafting table as shown in the image below:

The recipe of a wooden crook

Along with the wooden crook, this mod also adds crooks for all vanilla materials, with the stone crook, iron crook, golden crook and diamond crook being craftable with a wooden crook and the respective material in a smithing table, the netherite crook is crafted with a diamond crook and a netherite ingot. If Tech Reborn, Adabranium, Applied Energistics 2 and/or Astromine are installed, crooks made from their materials will also be added. Crooked Lil Taters are also added if Lil Tater Reloaded is installed.

This mod works on Minecraft 1.16.3 through the Fabric Loader, this mod also requires the Fabric API to be installed. A quick presentation video which explains what has already been explained can be viewed here.


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