Critical Flight Details

1,248 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.1

Critical Flight Display Mod (Minecraft 1.16.x)

Available to download from Curseforge.

Built using Fabric Example Mod Template and made with the Fabric modding toolchain for Minecraft.

A Minecraft Mod that enhances the Game's HUD with details for Elytra Flying:

  • HUD Features:
    • pitch display
    • horizon graphic -speed


In-game HUD Example


  • Install Fabric Loader on your Minecraft client
    • Recommended to install with the MultiMC Minecraft client, which allows you to install Fabric in one click in the Minecraft instance settings
  • Download latest Mod .jar from Github or from Curseforge
  • Put the downloaded Mod .jar in the .minecraft/mods folder
    • Or if you're using MultiMC, open the Minecraft instance settings you're using, and look for the option to add a Mod, then select the .jar file you downloaded
  • Done!

Building from source

  • Clone the project with git clone
  • Cd into the project's directory cd simple-utilities-mod
  • Run ./gradlew build to build the .jar
  • Built Mod .jar files will be located at build/libs
    • Example: build/libs/simple-utilities-mod-1.0.0.jar
    • This will be the Mod .jar file you can put in your .minecraft/mods folder

Planned features

  • Allow the User to toggle the HUD utilities, both individually and as a whole, could be done either with Hotkeys or with a Settings interface, possibly both
  • Add Altitude indicators
  • Add compass


  • Does this Mod work on versions below 1.15?

    • No, it might work on 1.14 with some changes, but not anything below 1.14, since this Mod is made with Fabric, which only supports Minecraft 1.14 and above.
  • Will this Mod get me banned from X multiplayer server?

    • Maybe, maybe not, the Mod is entirely Client-sided and does not require it to be installed on the Server, and mostly shows things already available to you at all times like coordinates and Cardinal directions, like an extended but simplified F3 Menu, but it has some exceptions, like very specific Game time, so some servers may not allow it, do look into the Server's rules carefully before using it, do not create issues here asking about that, since I won't know.
  • Will you add 'X feature not present in the Planned Features section'**?

    • Maybe, and only if it fits with the other features of the mod, create an issue about it, I only on this project on my spare time, but I'd be happy to add wanted features in my spare time.


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