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What is Creatubbles?

Creatubbles™ is the safe global community for creators of all ages. It's the perfect space for children, families and teachers to save, share, discover and interact with multimedia creativity portfolios.

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What is this mod?

The Creatubbles Minecraft mod allows you to import any images you have uploaded to your Creatubbles profile into your favorite game. Using the mod you can:


  • Insert your own original artwork into the game
  • Save and store screenshots of your Minecraft builds in your online portfolio
  • Use it to decorate in-game structures with your drawings, paintings, claywork – anything!




Creator GUI


Not only that, but the mod allows you to take in game screenshots of your Minecraft builds and upload them directly to your Creatubbles account to store, share with friends, and add to global galleries so others around the world can see them.


Using the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod


  • Sign up for your free Creatubbles account
  • Log into your Minecraft account
  • Open the Technic Launcher
  • Paste this link into the search bar to find the Creatubbles modpack and install it:
  • Press play within the Technic Launcher window

Find out more about how to install the mod here. 


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