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Filename CreativeCore_v1.9.25_mc1.11.2.jar
Uploaded by CreativeMD
Uploaded Jul 25, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 794.78 KB
Downloads 822
MD5 a419685afcacd57e1cc16d03d2b659fd
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Added PlayerUtils
Added check to not open gui when viewing a replay using the replay mod
Added MatrixUtils
Added BooleanRotation
Added setDimension method to GuiControl
Added IBlockAccessFake
Added support for alpha coloring
Added alpha selector for GuiColorPicker
Added RangedBitSet
Added BufferBuilderUtils
Added ability to type in the exact number by right clicking the slider
Added blend function to ColorUtils
Added IVecOrigin
Added Rightclick state button selects previous state
Fixed ColorUtils.WHITE having 0 alpha
Added OrientatedBoundingBox
Added BoxFace
Enhanced width of item in ComboBox
Expanded BoxUtils
Reorganized a few packages
Redesigned to add support for Optifine baked quads
Redesigned WorldFake (to fix SpongeForge issue)
Removed IExtendedCreativeRendered
Removed old rendering model code
Fixed not being able to colorize certain blocks if Optifine is installed
Fixed combox not being able to overlap gui
Fixed not using random position long
Fixed issue with newest SpongeForge version
Fixed small gui rendering glitch which made itemstack below overlap itemstack above
Fixed collecting blocks twice
Fixed textfield not getting focus automatically
ComboBox opens upwards if there is not enough space below it