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Filename create-mc1.16.5_v0.3.2g.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded Nov 24, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 11.03 MB
Downloads 4,257,379
MD5 84ec13d5bccfa71a09783ecb6e089b20
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Create 0.3.2g

for Minecraft 1.16.5

Enhancements, Fixes

  • Fixed Chutes spilling items when inserting into disconnected storage interfaces
  • Blaze Burners can now be picked up using the Wrench
  • Fixed Contraptions being affected by Weighted Ejectors
  • Fixed press/deployer/spout failing to process an item when other items are processed simultaneously further down the belt
  • Fixed piston/pulleys moving before their attached entity is loaded
  • Fixed pipes spawning particles at connections between chunks
  • Fixed toolbox deleting contained items when crafted with dye
  • Fixed encased fluid pipes not updating flows when neighbouring blocks change
  • Fixed fluid pipes not updating flows when adjacent block changes from fluid to block
  • Fixed Crafters voiding any inserted items after being moved on a contraption
  • Fixed Crafters crashing the game after being placed by a Schematicannon
  • Fixed Mechanical Press head getting stuck in extended position when off-screened or when its basin changes
  • A couple of two-ingredient recipes have been made shapeless
  • Made toolbox recipes less confusing to navigate in JEI
  • Improved piston/pulley contraption collision with blocks in the world
  • Fixed pistons/pulley contraptions merging into world blocks when disassembling shortly after loaded in
  • Toolbox radial can now be navigated using hotbar shortcuts
  • Toolbox radial now steps back when right-clicked
  • Toolbox radial now immediately opens the multi-toolbox view when right-clicking the central "unequip" button
  • Fixed hidden slots visible in toolbox screen in some gui scales
  • Toolbox sorting in the radial menu is now deterministic
  • Fixed Toolboxes not always updating their inventory state to clients
  • Shulker boxes can no longer be placed inside toolboxes
  • Fixed potion fluids not displaying their full name in jei
  • Fixed JEI showing all potion recipes when looking up a specific one
  • Fixed belt-item speed and contraption sync being one tick off by default
  • Added in-world toolbox dyeing
  • Fixed toolbox handle not rendering with transparency
  • Gantry Shafts can now be configured to have a stress impact
  • Additional safety checks from crash-reports
  • Recipes with an id suffixed "manualonly" are now ignored in auto-shaped, auto-shapeless and auto-cutting processing features
  • Better visibility for low/half amounts of fluids in basins
  • Added processingTime support to mixing recipes (defaults to 100)
  • Fixed Basin recipes with fluid output not starting when targeted output inventory supports items only
  • Fixed item extraction from create creating stacks of unstackable items when source inventory allows stacking them (e.g. Storage Drawers)
  • Fixed pipes not initialising target fluid holders properly when the source is loaded in first
  • Fixed Deployers not having a valid item capability when asked before their first tick
  • Fixed Mechanical Crafting recipes able to be automated via packing
  • Fixed fluid networks losing fluids when extracted amount is lower than a pumps transfer speed
  • Fixed JEI plugin claiming that some occultism's ritual recipes work in a compacter


  • Added es_cl.json by Alonsinwhat
  • Updates to de_de.json by DreiMu
  • Updates to ko_kr.json by qkrehf2
  • Updates to zh_cn.json by Demonese
  • Updates to es_es.json by FrannDzs
  • Updates to pt_br.json by vyhi
  • Updates to ja_jp.json by CKenJa

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