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Filename create-mc1.16.5_v0.3.2f.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded Oct 22, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 10.96 MB
Downloads 1,267,032
MD5 673b590eec5f534d66275697b020abed
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Create 0.3.2f

for Minecraft 1.16.5
"Long time no hotfix"

Hotfix to 0.3.2e: - Fixed crash on server start; Fixed incorrect icon position in Toolbox Screen; Removed an obsolete recipe


  • Added the Toolbox
  • Added dyed variants of the Toolbox

Enhancements, Fixes

  • Fixed Contraptions eternally stalling when loaded back from a temporarily stalled state
  • The Wrench can now be used to shorten or divide Mechanical Belts
  • Belt Connectors can now be used to extend or merge Mechanical Belts
  • Fixed CTM item models disappearing after a ponder scene is opened
  • Doors and Trapdoors on Contraptions can now be interacted with
  • Moved obsidian movement from tag to config
  • Connected Mechanical Crafters now strictly distribute added items from top to bottom, left to right
  • Fixed smart pipe ponder scene no longer showing milk in the basin
  • Fixed filter slot display issues with Forge's multi-layered item models
  • Fixed Smart Pipes not able to be picked up with Wrench
  • Fluid Pipes no longer have to be straight in order to be 'wrenched' into a strictly straight windowed pipe
  • Stockpile Switches can now be used with Fluid Tanks
  • Content Observers can now be used with Fluid Containers and Fluid Pipes
  • Added the option to have held items not be consumed in deploying recipes
  • Fixed Unbreakable items breaking when used as tool in deploying recipes
  • Fixed pumps and valves not registering their stress impact properly after changing state
  • Fixed belts not applying stress when created in certain orientations
  • Schematic and Quill now creates Air entries in place of any "Structure Void" block
  • Fixed a lighting issue for the belt item renderer
  • Items on belts now stall under empty-handed Deployers targeting them
  • Added a config option to prevent Create from placing fluid source blocks
  • Added a config option to make mounted storage output-only
  • Added config options for mechanical harvesters
  • Added config option for the required windmill sails per RPM
  • Added config option for hose pulleys to continue filling above-threshold pools
  • Crafters no longer display item sprites vertically flipped
  • Crafters now arrange overlapping items less randomly
  • Chromatic Compound can now absorb light emitting blocks from belts & depots
  • Mechanical Harvesters can now be used to gather Leaves
  • Mechanical Harvesters can now be used to gather Weeping and Twisting Vines
  • Fixed JEI integration of Basin recipes with multiple and/or stochastic outputs
  • Fixed infinite fluid source deny-list being ignored
  • Fixed idle blaze burners sending packets every tick
  • Fixed placement indicator rendering behind the crosshair
  • Fixed TiCon Casting via Spout
  • Fixed fluid pipes getting stuck trying to waterlog non-solid blocks with fluid handling capabilities
  • Fixed 3x3 compacting recipes marked as Shapeless able to be processed by a mixer
  • Fixed Chute Particles not moving
  • Fixed crash when using tree fertilizer on saplings from "Blue skies"


  • Updates to pt_br.json by vyhi
  • Updates to pl_pl.json by joker876
  • Updates to zh_cn.json by TUsama
  • Updates to es_es.json by FrannDzs


  • Added timed invalidation to refresh fluid handler references observed by pipe ends
  • Add-ons can now modify the furnace engine multiplier of furnace types
  • Refactor custom rendered items; The renderer now creates the model instead of the other way around
  • Only tick wrench cog rotation and linked controller renderer if client is not paused
  • Move all model swapping code from CreateClient to ModelSwapper
  • Register client resource reload listener before initial resource reload
  • Merge package foundation.renderState into foundation.render
  • Move BreakProgressHook from package foundation to foundation.block
  • Add translations for "fluid_container" and "renamed" item attributes
  • Add create honey bucket to a forge tag
  • Remove Create namespace restriction in CTSpriteShifter
  • Add method to register ponder chapter lang
  • Make FluidTransportBehaviour fields public
  • Allow defining custom potato cannon projectile types through JSON in datapacks
  • Allow setting a custom render mode when building a projectile type
  • Commands glue, highlight, and replaceInCommandBlocks now require OP
  • Added the option to prevent a Mechanical Crafting recipe from matching a flipped arrangement
  • Custom namespace support of CustomRenderedItemModels
  • Added an Event allowing additional tileentitybehaviour objects to be attached to STEs from outside
  • Added behavioural registry for Spout/Block interaction
  • Fixed modlist lookup for non-english locales
  • Added a contraption movement setting registry
  • Made checks previously checking only spawner movement setting and the block being a spawner to check using ContraptionMovementSetting.get(block)
  • Method to invalidate contraption renderers

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