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Filename create-mc1.16.5_v0.3.1b.jar
Uploaded by simibubi
Uploaded Apr 10, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 7.69 MB
Downloads 351,713
MD5 313674a779070c2b60c08b0e3ebaadd2
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Create 0.3.1b

for Minecraft 1.16.4 & .5 "Better Address these" Notice: 1.16.3 is no longer supported, consider updating!

Enhancements, Fixes

  • Deforester now respects Fortune and Silk Touch enchantments when cutting trees
  • Fixed strange rendering side-effects when using Experimental Rendering with Optifine's internal shaders
  • Fixed Nixie Tube text rendering inconsistently
  • Fixed belts not showing items under certain conditions
  • Fixed kinetic source loops / ghost connectivity caused by belt casing, crafter rotation and other
  • Fixed vertical/sideways belts accepting items from other belts
  • Fixed goggle overlay flipping to the left when too wide
  • You can no longer drag the goggle overlay off-screen in the config ui
  • Spouts can now interact with belts/depots with a mounted funnel
  • Fixed entities attempting to path-find through Creates' non-solids
  • Fixed Redstone Links occasionally wiping their frequency when moved in a Contraption
  • Fixed Flywheels doubling their SU capacity after every chunk reload
  • Fixed display of numeric formats using non-breaking space
  • Signs can now be moved on a contraption
  • Fixed Windmill Bearings keeping su information after relocation
  • Fixed Symmetry Wand using up too many items
  • Fixed an instability of mechanical crafter connectivity rendering
  • Modded TileEntities not appreciative of contraption rendering are now much less likely to cause a hard crash


  • Updates to ru_ru by Hanqnero
  • Updates to de_de by Peatral

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