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Filename create-mc1.14.4_v0.1.1a.jar
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Uploaded Oct 21, 2019
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Create 0.1.1a  for Minecraft 1.14.4

Thanks for your Suggestions, Issues and Contributions - 0.2 is coming along!


- Russian localization, thanks to Sirabein

- Brazillian localization, thanks to Lucassabreu

- Fixed id downcasing not working properly in non-english environments #25

- Removed event subscriber annotations for mod & registry events #22

- Added more displayable slots in the Washing JEI view

- Fixed Windowed blocks referencing IBakedModel on the server

- Changed stairs to use blockstate supplier

- Fixed Symmetry Wand crashing when configured in the off-hand

- Fixed "Hold Shift" in tooltips not being translated

- Chassis now drop applied slime balls

- Slime Balls are now craftable

- Mechanical Belts now lock living entities in place

- Blockzapper recipes can now be viewed from the uses of their ingredient materials

- Configured FlexPeaters now synchronize with other players

- Fixed client crash when rendering lava in a deployed schematic #15

- Made encased fans a little less expensive

- Added other coral types to tree fertilizer recipe

- Reworked animated models for the Handheld Blockzapper

- Fixed blockzapper beam rendering on non-default FOV settings

- Added safety check for other Tile Entities blocking two Crushing Wheels #36

- Fixed Walls and Fences not showing in Blockzapper preview #21


Please submit any Issues you come across on the Issue Tracker.

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